Wood Floor Wipes

If you are a parent or have taken care of young children, wood floor wipes are very similar to baby wipes. If you are unfamiliar with wet wipes, they are moist toilettes – almost like a moist paper towel but much more durable than paper towel.

Wood floor wipes are designed for sealed wood floors. These wipes are fairly common. They are not the wipes that you put on your mophead. Wood floor wipes are for bending down and doing the dirty work on your hands and knees!

You can buy them on Amazon or at your local home building center. You may even find them at Walmart. Wood floor wipes can be on the expensive side – close to $1 for one. That is expensive seeing how little one actually cleans up.

Wood floors need spot cleaning from time to time. This means that a small area of the wood floor needs to be cleaned. It could be that food or a beverage spilled.

Wood floor wipes are becoming more and more common. Many different companies are now making them. Even if they come in different fragrances, they all do the same thing. Is there really a difference from one wood floor wipe to the next?

It is not a technical product like a steam mop or a vacuum cleaner where one has distinctly different features from the next product. They all claim to disinfect, cut grease and clean wood floors. Do some of the brands leave a sticky residue? Besides, they use so little product on the wipe that it really should not make a difference. Sadly, wood floor wipes are not all the same, Even if it is a small amount of wax or oil soap in your wipes, it may cause damage to your wood floors.

Dyson Wood Nourishing Wipes – They come in a lovely spring scent. Dyson wipes cost about $7.50 for a pack of 12. Dyson is a reputable company. I would trust their floor wipes.

Green Works Natural Wipes – This is a company owned by Clorox. This is a much more environmentally friendly product. In fact, they are biodegradable. These “all purpose” wipes are actually not so all purpose! They are safe for every type of floor except wood floors. Even if you are tempted, do not buy them for your wood floors.

Murphy’s Oil Soap Wipes – Personally, I am not a fan of Murphy Oil soap at all. It will always cause more damage than good. I would never think of purchasing their wipes. They sell for around $11 for a pack of 18 wipes.

Baby Wipes – They are much cheaper than any of these wood floor wipes. They do the job for sure but they are not the best choice for your wood floor finish.

Wet wipes should only ever be designed to do a quick spot cleaning. If you need to clean a dusty area and would love to damp mop but prefer to keep your wood floors as dry as possible, wood floor wipes are your answer.