The National Wood Floor Association

The National Wood Floor Association, also known as NWFA, is a not-for-profit trade association. They represent every aspect of the wood flooring industry from manufacturers to distributors to retailers to installers. The NWFA also provides training for professionals. They also certify both professionals and manufacturers.

The NWFA provides various resources for homeowners on choosing and maintaining their wood floors. They link the industry together in every possible way.

The National Wood Floor Association also publishes its own industry magazine called Hardwood Floors: The magazine of the National Wood Flooring Association. They even host the NWFA National Wood Flooring Expo in Nashville, TN.

The National Wood Floor Association’s Environment Program
The National Wood Flooring Association’s Responsible Procurement Program (RPP) brings environmental leaders as well as wood floor manufacturers together to improves forest sustainability for future generations. The companies who participate in this program have a variety of criteria to meet such as demonstrating environmental responsibility as noted by the Forestry Stewardship Council. These companies are audited by a third party.

NWFA Certified Professionals
These professionals have to undergo various tests to make sure that their work meets a certain standard of quality. There are certain prerequisites too, like for example, 2 years of experience in installing wood floors. In order to maintain their NWFA certification, professionals need to undergo ongoing education. Some flooring manufacturers only allow

NWFA certified professionals to install their floors. This ensures that the quality of workmanship is regulated.

NWFA links certified professionals with homeowners looking to get their wood floors done. In the case that you have got new wood floors installed and there is a problem with them that the manufacturer is not willing to solve, you can get a NWFA certified professional inspector to look at them and assess the problem.

Companies with a NWFA certification always show their certificate. It gives a company pedigree. If you are a wood floor installer and meet the criteria required to become a NWFA certified professional, it is worth it. People have much more trust in certified professionals.

The NWFA Accepted Product Seal
This product seal is designed for flooring and flooring product manufacturers like finishes, solid wood floors, engineered hardwood floors and abrasives. The NWFA product seal is to be renewed annually and spans the manufacturer’s entire product line.

The NWFA Accepted Eco Product Seal
This product seal only covers certain products from a manufacturer – not their entire product line. First a company needs to obtain the NWFA Accepted Product Seal. Finishes, stains and sealers are the only product categories that can receive a NWFA Accepted Eco Product Seal.

National Wood Floor Association (NWFA) Reviewed by Wood Floor Doctor on July 4 . The NWFA links homeowners to industry professionals and manufacturers. The NWFA is an association of tradespeople and manufacturers. They certify products, manufacturers and professionals. THE NWFA publishes its own magazine and hosts a tradeshow. Rating: 5

Nation Wood Floor Association