Squeak Ender: A Quick and Effective Solution to Wood Floor Squeaks

The Squeak-Ender is designed only for floors that have already been installed. If you have not yet installed your wood floors, I highly recommend reading my article, “Avoiding Squeaks and Pops when Nailing Down a New Strip Floor”. By reading this article, you will prevent squeaks throughout the life of your hardwood floor and you won’t have to use the SqueakEnder!

There are many products like the Squeak Ender on the market. The Squeak Ender is the best in my opinion. It is well engineered and should hold up well. The Squeak Ender is a good squeak eliminator solution. If you want to get a bit more creative and do a true do-it-yourself project where you don’t even buy a repair kit, I recommend reading my article “Stopping those annoying squeaks in your wood floors!” if you want to make your own more economical squeak eliminator.

For those of you who want a quick squeak eliminator, I recommend the Squeak-Ender. It is available online and at your local hardware store. The SqueakEnder is relatively cheap and goes for anywhere between $7.69 to $11.49.

It is terrific for old and new hardwood floors alike. When using the Squeak-Ender, you need to repair your floor from underneath. The Squeak-Ender works well but is not always ideal. The reason is that you need to access the floor joists. This means that you needs to have an unfinished basement or a crawl space where you can access the underside of your hardwood floor. If you live in a 2-story home and your floors upstairs squeak, this product is not suitable for you.

The Squeak-Ender is for squeaks that occur between your floor and your subfloor. It eliminates the gap and tightens up the subfloor to the joist. This is often the culprit of those annoying squeaky sounds! This repair product stops the movement in the floor. There is no damage to the hardwood floor at all.

It is terrific for any thickness of sub-floor. The Squeak-Ender works on floors supported by joists up to 2×10 inches. Most floor joists are 2×10. The Squeak-Ender is a fast solution to eliminating squeaks. It is quite simple to use and effective for the long-term. It only takes a few minutes to install. The only tools needed for the job are a Phillips screwdriver and an adjustable wrench.

How to use the Squeak-Ender:

1. Have someone walk across the floor to find the squeaky area. You should be down below at the underside of the floor listening for the squeaks and locating the squeaky area. Chances are you will see movement in the floor. If you don’t have someone to walk across the floor while you listen, here is another way to locate the squeaks: Look at the underside of the floor, if you can see a nail rubbing against the joist that is not in the wood, this is going to be the source of your squeaks.

Once you have found it, you are ready to fix your squeak.

2. Take your hanger bolt. Thread the hanger bolt through your anchor plate on the concave side. Your anchor plate is designed to butt up against the floor joist.

3. Place the anchor plate with the hanger bolt flush against the floor joist closest to the squeak.

4. Screw the anchor plate to the floor in all 4 screw holes. You will need to use a Phillips screwdriver.

5. Put the joist bracket over the hanger bolt and over the joist.

6. Place the washer and hex but over top of the hanger bolt. Tighten the nut with an adjustable wrench. Make sure not to tighten it too much.

Your squeaks will be eliminated. If you have squeaks in multiple areas, you may need to purchase more than one SqueekEnder and use it in a few spots. You may need several as one will not do the trick!