Selling A House: When to Install Hardwood Floors

When selling a house, you want to get the most money out of it. This means that you may have to do some repairs and updates. You want your house to look contemporary, elegant and homey.

Many realtors will say that installing hardwood floors is a must. Rip out any carpet you have and replace all of it. This can be costly and not always necessary. It is hard to say if it will add value.

Old Carpets
If you have old, stained carpets, you need to get rid of them. Old rugs give off a yucky odor. They are always noticed. Always pull up carpets that are passed their prime! They will only make the value of your house go down.

Worn-Down Hardwood Floors
If you have wood floors with warn away finish or water damage, you should consider doing a light sanding. If you are in a rush to sell and cannot refinish your wood floors, throw a beautiful area rug over the damage. This will hide the damage when you are showing your house but it will disappoint the new owners see it. I generally don’t advise this. Only if you have no other option.

Getting The Most Out of Selling A House
Your floors will not make or break the sale of your house. Your house will still sell if your floors don’t look terrific. Even if your real estate agent tells you that you have to update your floors and make them all hardwood, new wiring, fresh paint and a beautifully staged house may be even more important.

Location, Location, Location
If your house is located in a very good area or an area that is known to be up and coming, generally you will get more money for your house with hardwood floors. They are not expected but they will add elegance and sophistication. You don’t need hardwood floors throughout. It is nice to have them in the living room and dining room – any of the main rooms that will be noticed the most.

If your house is located in an area of town that is not as great, the value of your house generally will not increase as much with hardwood floors throughout. You may have houses on your block that are not being maintained at all. You may also be near an industrial park or power lines. In this scenario, most of your prospective buyers will be wanting a lower cost house. The perceived value in hardwood floors may be lower than if it was in a well-to-do area.

Another deciding factor is if your house is in a large world class city or in a small suburban or rural area. As houses in cities are generally worth more than suburbs or the country, if your house is in a big city, the more elegant your house is, the more you will get out of it.

What Should My Floors Look Like When I Sell?
They should look good. They should be clean. If they are nice looking tiles, keep them that way. The grout should be immaculate. Same goes with engineered and laminate floors. They may be cheaper but as long as they look well-maintained, they will not be noticed too much.

Use clean area rugs that are soft and comfortable. You want your prospective buyers to come into your house and imagine it like their own. This is the first step to seriously considering buying. Also, if you are showing a house in a temperate climate or in the summer, chances are that some of the viewers will be barefoot.

Final Thoughts
In the end it is up to you. You can, but don’t have to make all your floors hardwood to sell your house for a good price.

You may also want to go to some open houses in your area and look at the popular floor coverings people are choosing when they are selling. This also may help shape your decision.