Review: Method – Wood For Good Floor Care Cleaner

I know a lot of people out there want the newest wood floor cleaner out there. People ask me about new floor products all the time. Is there something better in a new product that has just come to market? One thing we do know is the environment has only become a recent concern for the majority of manufacturers. Only in the last few years have companies been thinking of sustainability when bringing new products to the marketplace.

Method is a new and extremely fast growing American company. They have done quite well getting their products carried in almost every large retail outlet in North America. The Method packaging is trendy with funky-shaped bottles and simple wording. It is a product that makes sense. Their products are also easy to use.

This company has a deep concern for the environment. Why? The owners were exposed to toxic ingredients and felt like it was time for a change. They have made their floor cleaner as well as their entire cleaning line both non-toxic and biodegradable. If you have little kids or pets, you need non-toxic floor cleaner. People are learning more and more that it is unfair to risk your little ones playing on your wood floors that can potentially harm them.

They clearly target their products to women. Method has worked hard to carefully craft cute slogans. Their fan group is called “people against dirty”! They focus on both personal care cleaners and household cleaners. They even make a wood floor cleaning product.

The Method wood floor cleaner is relatively inexpensive going for about seven bucks a bottle. It is scented with almond. Many people are used to citrus scents in cleaning products and don’t really care for the almond smell. The smell of almonds is not exactly a fresh, clean smell. The scent lingers for quite awhile. Method was smart to introduce a new fragrance to wood floor cleaning. Now, a lot of people who use Method products and smell almonds, have the association of clean floors. The smell grows on you and most people really like it after they have used it once. The smell is one of the main reasons people keep using Method. In fact, after become used to the almond smell, they are disappointed that they cannot find other cleaning products with the same smell.

Besides the smell, it contains no wax and is non-toxic and biodegradable. As Method says on their web site, “why would you use anything else?” (

Method’s marketing is clever. They call it “wood for good floor care”. They make it easy to use, just squirt and mop.