Review: Bona – A Safe Mop For All Floor Types

You may have seen the Bona® Hardwood Floor Mop on a TV infomercial. The Bona Mop is designed for use on all wood floor types including laminate and hardwood floors. It competes directly against the Swiffer WetJet – a product that the majority of Americans know. The difference is that the Swiffer mop is not designed to be used on laminate floors, even though this cleaning device is commonly used incorrectly.

In case you don’t know Bona, it is a Swedish, family-owned company that has been around since 1919. One of the main focuses for Bona is to create products that are environmentally sustainable. In fact, Bona is GREENGAURD certified. Bona makes a variety of wood floor products. They are known for their popular waterborne finishes. The company motto is “Bona: bringing out the best in hardwood floors”.

After testing and studying the Bona Mop, the Wood Floor Doctor team gives it a thumbs up. There are several reasons why we recommend it. Every Bona product including their mop is made with a concern for the environment.

The Bona Mop is a green product. It does not require any batteries to operate but instead uses a spring activated trigger to release the cleaning solution onto your wood floors. Also, the cleaning pads are reusable and can be washed in your laundry machine unlike many other mops on the market. This is different than most other mops on the market where you can only use the cleaning pad once, throw it away and replace it with a new one. Another terrific aspect about the Bona Mop is its microfiber cleaning pad are gentle on your wood floors and should not scratch them.

It has a large swiveling mop head which is 4×15 inches, much bigger than many other mops on the market. It cleans floors faster because there is more surface area contact with your floors. It is also gentle on your body. The mop pole also has been ergonomically designed to fit your hand so you won’t stress your body when you use it. This is important because some mops are uncomfortable to use and hurt your body overtime.

It sprays only a light mist on the floor so you don’t need to worry about puddles of cleaning solution seeping into your floor. Some other mops squirt more than needed and consequently the cleaning pads cannot absorb all of the solution.

The Bona cleaning solution is safe for children and pets which is important because a lot of cleaning products are toxic nowadays. Environmentally, the Bona product is a winner. The Bona cleaner is a waterborne solution.

The solution can be used exactly how it comes. It does not require any mixing with water or other ingredients to be added. There is no use for a bucket. This mop has a chamber where it holds its cleaning solution. It is easy to use.

The Bona Mop does not leave any film or residue on your laminate floors, which means that your floors are truly cleaner. No cleaning solution is left behind. Bona even tells you on the infomercial that it won’t leave any dulling residue. Swiffer WetJet, in contrast, leaves a white film on wood floors. This means that your wood floors will actually appear dirtier than they were prior to cleaning them. When there is residue left on a wood floor, it makes the floor look dull.

Overall, the Bona Mop is a terrific cleaning device for an wood floor covering. The only minor shortcoming with this product is it comes in a few different pieces when you get it in the box. It is not the easiest mop to put together and many people struggle with it. If you are going to purchase this mop, give yourself a little bit of time to put it together.

Bona says their mop is the last mop you will ever need. If you take care of it, it may actually be true for you.