Pro Shot Industrial Re-Newing Floor Restorer

Pro Shot is the professional choice for quick and easy floor shine restoring. The product comes in three sizes, but for the average homeowner either the 32-ounce bottle (covers approximately 625 square feet) or the 1-gallon jug (covers approximately 2500 square feet) will be more than enough.

Scratches and Dull Spots
The product claims to fill scratches and rejuvenate dull spots. It most definitely rejuvenates your floor’s finish, no doubt. But filling the scratches is a bit misleading. It can’t handle scuff marks and scratches that are “finish deep”. Dog nail scratches or dents that go wood deep, it won’t fill. But for overall restoring it’s a floor saver.

Product Life On Your Floors
The product will last for months for the average homeowner. But if you wear shoes indoors or have any pets you may not get as long of a life as the bottle says. It’s easy to re-apply and most should expect to coat 3 times a year. Usually just before the holidays when family comes over.

How to Apply
Pro Shot is easy to apply. Just buy a new sponge mop that will be dedicated to the product. You don’t ever want to mix chemicals – it’s worth buying a new mop for this. Apply and let dry. Try to keep off your newly restored floors until the product has fully cured.

Why Trust Pro Shot
The product is UL listed for slip resistance, meaning you don’t need to take it from me that you’re not going to slip, Pro Shot Corporation has had their products approved for industrial use. The product was designed for use in hospitals, schools and shopping malls – so you can trust it’s seen it’s share of foot traffic. Pro Shot is a keeper.

The product also works on many other floor surfaces in your home so if you’ve got extra try it on vinyl, no-wax, linoleum, bamboo, slate, flagstone, ceramic tile, terrazzo, laminates, and other floors.