Oak, White – Total Wood Species Guide

PROS: This golden yellow to brown colored wood is one of my favorites. In a rift or quarter sawn grade it shows off its medullar rays like no other wood. It is harder than red oak and is more moisture stable and very durable. This wood takes all stains evenly. But why hide its lovely color? In select grade it is priced the same as red oak. This wood is relatively rot resistant. Like red oak, white oak is also quite wear resistant.

CONS: Some people object to its yellowish tones and its more varied coloring. It can be difficult to sand due to its hardness. It is fairly expensive in the quarter-sawn grade.

TREE FACTS: Amongst all the oaks, the white oak is the most valued. It is one of the largest trees found in eastern North America. It is commonly used in the manufacturing of tall boats because it is quite moisture resistant.