Muskoka Prefinished Hardwood Flooring (Vintage Hardwood Flooring): A Company Overview and Review

Now Vintage Prefinished Hardwood Flooring

Muskoka Prefinished Hardwood Flooring has been around for more than 100 years. Founded in 1903, this Canadian company is based in the rocky Canadian Shield of northern Ontario. They praise themselves in high quality wood floors with very high manufacturing standards.

Muskoka sees their customers as crucial to their business. Customers, to them, are long-term partners in the growth and development of their brand. The Muskoka experience is all about customer service. They will get you the floor you want when you want it. They want to make your floor installation quick and easy.

Environmental Responsibility
Muskoka believes it is important it is to preserve the environment. As they feel the integrity of the land is the future, they have created some environmental initiatives.

Unlike a lot of other flooring companies, they manufacture 99% VOC free UV curable sealers and finishes. None of their finishes emit formaldehyde. All their pigments and dyes are free from dyes and heavy metals. They meet the South Coast Air Quality Management District and Green Seal rules for all their floor finishes. All but their prefinished floor coating are LEED certified. (LEED is Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design which is a rating given by the US Green Building Council.)

Muskoka floors are manufactured in Canada, which is a bonus.

Muskoka is always bringing out new looks and technical features. They focus more on the design of the floorboard rather than creating a new floor finish. Even though their floors are prefinished, they have designed them to be sanded down as many times as you would a sand-on-site floor. They are so confident with the design of their floors that they give them a lifetime structural warranty.

All the wood floors in their product lines are different structurally.

The Gallery Collection is solid, prefinished wood that is ¾ of an inch thick of solid wood so it is only good for ground level and second level installations.

The Architectural Collection is engineered flooring that is 9/16 of an inch thick so it is ok for basements and anywhere else in your home.

The Solid Sawn and Hand Sculpted Collection is engineered flooring that is ¾ of an inch thick of structured hardwood. It is suitable to be installed anywhere in your home.

Finally, their Northern Solid Sawn Collection is structured hardwood and is ¾ of an inch thick with a Qtr. Sawn SPF (Spruce-Pine-Fir) core. This type of flooring is suitable for anywhere in your home. Of course, every different collection of floors is available in its own color selection and in a variety of different species.

Personally, I like how each different style of floor serves a unique purpose. It is easy to select the style of floor you want depending on your needs and where it is being placed.

Muskoka also has “Micron” beveled edges – the smallest bevel in the wood flooring industry. You barely even see the micro bevel – it makes the groove smaller. The micro beveled edge is designed to make the slightest irregularity in your floorboards go unseen.

Final Thoughts
Muskoka wood floors are well made and very durable. With unparalleled customer service, you will be happy to get the floor you want when you want it.

Muskoka Wood Flooring Reviewed by Wood Floor Doctor on June 22 . Micron beveled edge prefinished flooring in a variety of colors and styles Muskoka prefinished floors are designed well and are very durable. They take both customer service and environmental responsibility very seriously. All their floors are manufactured in Canada. Rating: 4