Mirage Floors: A Company Overview and Review

Located in Quebec, Canada, Mirage offers a wide variety of wood floors in different colors, species and widths of floorboards. Mirage is well known for their variety, quality, beauty and durability. They will even go so far as to custom create colors for customers. Mirage coats their floors in an ultraresistant finish designed for high traffic areas. With more than 25 years in the hardwood flooring industry, they have a lot to be proud of.

Over the past 10 years, Mirage has won 19 awards for excellence. This is a brand that you can trust with a quality product. They have been recognized by their quality 21 times by surveys in many different magazines like Floor Focus magazine and Floor Covering Weekly. It is North America’s # 1 hardwood flooring brand.

Social and Environmental Responsibility
Mirage products are eligible for LEED points for home credits. Mirage has three technologies that can help obtain LEED credits. They are Materials and Resources, Indoor Environmental Quality and Innovation & Design Process.

Mirage uses recycled materials wherever possible. They also use local materials. Mirage’s wood is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. Their floor finishes are free of VOCs and formaldehyde. Mirage floor finishes are hypoallergenic too.

Mirage only uses North American lumber and only from responsibly managed forests. They also strive to use only environmentally responsible suppliers.

Mirage treats natural resources with respect and wants them to be available to future generations. They use recycled materials from postindustrial waste.

They support Ducks Unlimited which is a conservation group for Canada’s wetlands.

Many of their wood floors are FSC certified.

Innovations in Flooring
NanolinxTM is their nanotechnology-based finish. Mirage claims to have the most wear-resistant finish in the industry. They boast that Nanolinx is 5 times more durable than competing floor finishes. This wood floor finish is flexible. This is an important feature. Because of its elasticity, it will prevent cracks. Nanolinx also has a UV protector so your floors won’t yellow or darken over time. Mirage also offers two styles of finish. You can get semi-gloss which is the standard wood floor finish. They also offer CashmereTM which is a very durable floor finish. It is designed for high traffic areas or for homeowners with children and pets. It is a practical floor finish that is easy to maintain. Nanolinx is also available in NanolinxTM Commercial,, which is even more wear resistant.

Mirage Quality
Mirage’s lumber is dry sawn as opposed to rotary peeled. It is precisely cut to the desired thickness. Their floorboards do not have repetitive grain patterns. Their floorboards have an ultra-thick wear layer. Mirage floors can be sanded 3-5 times.

Final Thoughts
Mirage offers a fantastic amount of selection. Their floors are very high quality with a very durable finish. Mirage is also extremely environmentally conscious.

Mirage Floors Reviewed by Wood Floor Doctor on July 9 . High quality floors with a very durable finish. Mirage has a nanotechnology-based floor finish. With good quality floors and a serious concern for the environment, this is a fantastic floor company. Rating: 4.5

Mirage Floors: A Company Overview and Review