Mesquite – Total Wood Species Guide

PROS: Mesquite is a very stable wood. The grain can be straight or swirly with some very interesting figuring and color variation, making it a very unique floor covering. It ranges from a pale straw color to deep reddish browns. The mesquite tree is gnarly, and therefore it is tricky to find long, clear boards – but this why it makes it an interesting and unusual floor covering. Mesquite is a wood that is full of character. It is quite a moisture-resistant wood.

CONS: The most common grades of mesquite you will find are #1 and #2. These lower grades may have tiny holes, mineral streaks or small pieces of bark included in the floorboards. High quality grades are going to look more uniform. However, these select grades are rare and quite expensive. The mesquite that comes from Texas known as “common mesquite” will be especially hard to find and very expensive. If you are going to go with a higher grade of mesquite, it is smarter to go with Argentine honey mesquite flooring.

TREE FACTS: Mesquite is associated with barbecuing and south-western flavors. Because it is such a durable wood, hunters have use mesquite for gunstocks. Mesquite is found in the Texan southwest and spans into Mexico. There are about 60 different species of mesquite. Mesquite is an extremely fast-growing tree.