Linoleum vs. Vinyl Flooring

Installing Vinyl and Linoleum

When it comes to installation, both types of flooring are pretty easy to install. Vinyl is actually easier flooring to install because you don’t need to worry about moisture or water. When installing linoleum, you do need to think about moisture. You need to make the space between tiles as small as possible to prevent water penetration.

Vinyl is great for any damp or wet areas in your home like a basement, bathroom or kitchen. In contrast, linoleum needs to be in a dry environment. If linoleum gets wet, the corners tend to curl up.

The Cost of Vinyl vs. Linoleum

The cost of vinyl compared to linoleum is also something to consider. Vinyl is cheaper. Expect to pay between 50 cent to 2 bucks per square foot for vinyl. Vinyl only lasts on average between 10-20 years. Linoleum is more expensive. It is between $2 and $5 a square foot. It also lasts longer – anywhere between 20-40 years.

Many companies sell linoleum and vinyl flooring but they are not all equal products in terms of quality and your health. Vinyl is easier to get than linoleum. Armstrong and Home Depot are some places you can find linoleum. You can find vinyl at any of your local home improvement centers.

linoleum and vinyl flooring
linoleum-vs-vinyl-flooringLinoleum and vinyl flooring are both growing in popularity. Both of these floors are very easy to clean and require little maintenance. Also, both of these floor coverings are easy to install and inexpensive. Many subdivisions are using linoleum and vinyl...