Jarrah (Australian Eucalyptus) – Total Wood Species Guide

PROS: Jarrah is known for its density. It has deep pink to reddish-brown to maroon tones. The color can vary quite a bit from one floorboard to the next. There are black streaks usually throughout. This wood has beautiful coloring. Its rich coloring is what makes it a highly prized wood. Like most exotic woods, the color will darken with exposure to sunlight. You will never want to stain it. You will want to leave it the way it is and just apply polyurethane. The poly finish will add luster and depth. This will make your jarrah floor almost look three-dimensional. There may also be the occasional ingrown grain. The grain structure ranges from straight to wavy to interlocking. The grain is open and its texture is slightly coarse. Jarrah is harder than red oak. It is a very strong, heavy wood. Jarrah makes a good floor covering for high foot traffic areas. It is double the density of yellow pine. Jarrah holds nails well. It is resistant to termites and fungus.

CONS: Be careful when you sand this wood. The sawdust will stain fabrics and window treatments. Make sure to have your work area ready ahead of time to avoid getting jarrah sawdust on your clothing or your curtains. You will want to control the jarrah sawdust. Because the grain is often irregular, it makes its workability more challenging. For example, you may need to sand certain sections of your floor more than others to create a smooth surface. Also if you are mixing species, the pigment in jarrah can bleed into some finishes.

TREE FACTS: Jarrah is the Aboriginal name for Eucalyptus marginata. Jarah is a Eucalyptus tree commonly found in the southwest of Western Australia. Jarrah is widely known for its resistance to insect attacks. Jarrah is a flowering tree. Its flowers are used to make honey. It is often used in the making of railroad tracks. Jarrah is sustainably managed by the Australian government under the Department of Conservation and Land Management. The mandate of jarrah’s sustainable yield program is to ensure that these beautiful forests are not cut down and will be enjoyed for future generations. If you are looking to get an ecologically sustainable wood floor covering, consider jarrah.