Hickory – Total Wood Species Guide

PROS: Hickory is extremely hard. Probably the toughest wood floor you can get. That’s why it is commonly used for making axe handles! It has a lovely light tan to brown coloration and a bold, often wavy grain pattern. For commercial high use areas you can have the toughness of maple with the bold graining of oak and the warm pecan-like tones, just by applying a simple clear coating. Hickory makes a rustic floor covering. Because it is so incredibly hard, it won’t dent easily. It is terrific for both residential and commercial buildings. It clearly can stand up to high foot traffic. A hickory floor is unique and will call attention to itself. Instead of accenting a room with other things, the focus will be on the hickory floor.

CONS: It is hard to find hickory in stock. It must be special ordered, or milled up on a custom basis. It is very difficult to sand and care must be taken to eliminate all coarse sanding marks. Hickory is moderately expensive.

TREE FACTS: Hickory is native to the United States and Mexico. It is a flowering tree. Hickory is often used for fuel because it burns long and slow. It is considered to be one of the better fuel woods.