Flooding and Hurricane Damage To Wood Floors

Common Issues From Hurricanes and Floods On Floorboards

Common damage that you may see after a hurricane or a large flood is extreme water damage. Often floorboards are warped. The floorboards may be warped where they curve and turn and no longer look straight. Your floor boards will buckle and crown. Nails or staples will be raised. And water is now in the floorboards.

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You can also read our article “Warped Floorboards Caused by Humidity Swings”. This article is for humidity but will give you a good explanation of how wood reacts to moisture. Wood is very porous in nature it absorbs water.

Final thoughts

Water and wood are enemies. Unfortunately, water on any wood floor has to be acted on quickly. The longer you wait the more damage you will do. The damage will be more extreme warped floorboards, cupping and crowning. It will also compromise the longevity of you wood floors if you take your time dealing with a water issue.