Ebony & Co: A Company Overview and Review

This international company has staff across the globe. Not only do they focus on wood flooring but Ebony and Co also specializes in wall panelling, decking, parquetry and cladding. They are very proud of their handcrafted solid wood floors and they should be – they are great! They consider themselves a company who manufactures luxury hardwood and parquet flooring.

A fantastic feature of purchasing wood floors from Ebony and Co is all the customer support. They offer a very personalized approach to selling wood floors. Interestingly, they will ship their wood floors almost anywhere across the globe.

With offices in Barcelona, Geneva, Paris, New Delhi, Hong Kong and Sydney and showrooms in New York, London, Moscow, Amsterdam and Dublin, especially if you are not a resident of the US as your choices are limited and want a quality wood floor – this might be one of your better choices!

Ebony and Co is all about style and design. They offer many different species and many different colors. With partners such as Tommy Hilfiger, Burberry and DKNY – if you are a style guru – this is the wood flooring company you want! Not only is it about color and species but you can choose the length and the width of the floorboard. You can get wide plank floors if you want. They also offer a good selection of floor finishes. The selection seems endless! Ebony and Co will customize floors in so many different ways!

Environmental Responsibility

Ebony and Co has a “from forest to floor” philosophy. They think as important as it is to produce quality floors, it is equally important to harvest mature trees at the end of their growth cycle. This tree harvesting process has been implemented because they believe this is the only way forests can thrive.

At Ebony and Co, they allow their lumber to dry for 4 seasons at minimum. Then, combining classic and technologically advanced milling practices, they can minimize waste. Ebony and Co has extreme precision in the milling process. Ebony and Co is a green company that really thinks about long-term effects of harvesting timber.

Final Thoughts

Ebony and Co offers lots of variety when it comes to the aesthetics of your wood floor. They will customize any wood floor that you can dream of. From custom colors to custom widths to custom lengths of floorboards, Ebony and Co is willing to do it all for you! I think this is terrific!

Another great feature of this company is that they care about environmental sustainability. They make sure to minimize waste and responsibly harvest their timber.

Their customer service is global and they speak many different languages, too. If you want to make your home a designer home and high end style is important to you, you should enjoy high end wood floors from Ebony and Co.

Ebony and Co: A Company Overview and Review Reviewed by Wood Floor Doctor onJuly 17 Ebony and Co, a manufacturer of luxury hardwood and parquet flooring. Ebony and Co is a manufacturer of luxury hardwood and parquet flooring. They offer a wide range of wood floors available in different colors, species and finishes. Rating: 4.5
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