Decorative Hardwood Floors: Medallions, Borders & Trim and Tile Inserts

Hardwood floors have become a true art over the years. With stunning, old wide plank flooring to classic parquet, there are so many interesting and unusual techniques and designs to laying wood floors. There are so many different ideas you can implement to make decorative hardwood floors. If you are looking to create a more artistic style floor while maintaining the elegance of a wood floor, a decorative hardwood floor might be for you.

Medallions and Inlays

Medallions and inlays are a section of the wood floor with a design. They are most often wood but cut in different lengths, widths and colors. They are designs in the wood floor. Classically, medallions would have been relatively straight pieces of wood. Nowadays with modern technology and laser cutting, you can get medallions with unusual curves.

Medallions are often a darker stain than the rest of the floor for a light stained floor and vice versa for a dark stained wood floor. They can be very intricate designs with several different colors of stain. Medallions are often beautiful patterns.

Where are medallions commonly placed? A medallion is not meant for any and every room in your house. If you choose to get a medallion, you should put in a relatively large room. It will become a centerpiece. To make a medallion stand out, no carpet should be placed on the floor in this room. Also, no pieces of furniture should be placed close to the medallion – these are not hard and fast rules. These are tips to make a medallion look terrific. If you have a large foyer, there are classic styles of medallions that can be used. At the bottom of a beautiful staircase is a great spot for a medallion.

Aside from beautiful and artistic designs, you can get many other styles of medallions. You can get a medallion with the Scriptures, a corporate or college logo, a family coat of arms or a completely custom design.

Borders and Trim

Borders and trim are another way to jazz up your hardwood floor and decorate your room. Instead of having the same color stain going to the walls, you can do a simple border of a different colored floorboard.

There are also some very interesting and intricate borders that can be made for wood floors. They can involve multiple colors of stain and interesting zig zag patterns. If you dream it, you can find a company that can make you any floor design.

Tile Inserts

Tile inserts are much less common than wood medallions. Tile inserts are designs with tile inlaid in a hardwood floor. They are often tiles with vibrant colors and interesting designs. They are laid in elegant patterns.

Tile inserts are typically done in larger rooms and really the centerpiece of the room. They can sometimes match a color theme in the house. Tile inserts may also be neutral colors to blend in with the wood floors.

Companies That Specialize In Decorative Wood Floors

Aboveboard Hardwood Floors has a large array of decorative floors that they create. From simple floors to inlaid floors to designer inlays using exotic woods – this company has lots of variety for anyone looking for an artistic wood floor.

USA Inlays is another company that specializes in decorative flooring. They do a wide range of wood floors from medallions to borders to stone inlays. Their motto is “a work of art for your feet…”

Final Thoughts

If you are going to get a decorative floor, remember it is an accent. It should be loud but not too busy unless you have a big enough space for something with a lot of color and pattern.

If you have your own artistic flare, go with your heart. If you want something elegant but are not sure where to start, it may be worth getting an opinion from a professional decorative floor installer. They will have lots of experience on what looks and what has been a flop. They can also look at your home and get a sense of your personality and what you like and help you choose your decorative elements.