Cleaning Wood Floors with Mop & Glo Wood Floor Cleaner

Learn the negative effects of Mop & Glo Wood Floor Cleaner and other water-based acrylic polishes.

Mop & Glo has been spelled a few different ways. People sometimes refer to it as “Mop ‘N Glo” or “Mop And Glo”. In case you are unfamiliar with it, Mop & Glo Wood Floor Cleaner is a trendy cleaning product that is a water-based acrylic polish. Like many of the other popular cleaning products on the market, Mop & Glo is a one-step floor cleaner. It makes many false and misleading claims that fool the consumer into believing that it is a quick, effective wood floor cleaner. It claims to leave no residue behind. It also promises not to dull wood floors, but instead it supposedly reveals the natural beauty of your wood floors. Mop & Glo specifies that it is only to be used on sealed wood floors. The cleaning product is not suitable for waxed, oiled and unsealed wood surfaces. The one-step process and the pleasant scent make Mop & Glo an attractive product.

Many people who have used Mop & Glo on their wood floors are very unhappy with the results. Similar to Orange Glo, Mop & Glo Wood Floor Cleaner leaves a cloudy white film on wood floors. Despite its claim to clean floors, Mop & Glo will make your wood floors look dirtier than they were before because the film is going to appear in streaks. Mop & Glo will discolor your wood floors overtime.

Cleaning up the Mop & Glo is just like cleaning up the Orange Glo. It is a headache! It requires an ammonia wax stripper to remove the sticky residue. Like all acrylic cleaning products, Mop & Glo is tricky to dissolve.

I personally do not recommend using Mop & Glo or any other acrylic cleaning polishes on your sealed hardwood floors. The result will only be a mess. It will be more work to clean up the residue than it was to apply the Mop & Glo!