Buying Wood Floors From Lumber Liquidators

Not that many years ago Lumber Liquidators was not too well known. This American company is still quite young. It only began in 1993 and opened its first store in West Roxbury, Massachusetts in 1996. It was so successful that eight months later, Lumber Liquidators opened a second store. This company has grown very fast.

Today it is a large company with both a strong U.S. and a growing Canadian presence with many stores popping up in Ontario, Canada.

They used to be known to undercut a lot of wood flooring companies. Nowadays they are priced competitively with many other wood flooring outlet stores. They are one of the most famous discount outlet wood floor retailers. Their products can be purchased in their stores and online.

What They Sell
Lumber Liquidators sells all kinds of wood flooring. Their selection is fantastic. They carry engineered hardwood, solid hardwood, bamboo, cork, laminate and vinyl. They even sell some reputable brand names like Bellawood – even though this Bellawood product is not very good.

Lumber Liquidators sells a lot of very shoddy and questionable wood floors. At the same time, they also carry interesting one off floors that are unique and deeply discounted. They offer lots of clearance flooring that you may not find anywhere else. Amongst the mixed reviews, there are definitely a lot of negative comments.

With some varieties of wood floors boasting just $1.99 installed and financing options available, no wonder many homeowners on a tight budget choose Lumber Liquidators. This is also the retailer of choice for a homeowner who doesn’t want to be bothered by those salespeople who don’t leave you alone.

Customer Service
Lumber Liquidators provides customer service that is not great. In fact, if you do a search for Lumber Liquidators online, you will mostly find negative comments. Very little positive is said about Lumber Liquidators. There is the occasional person who gets terrific flooring and is very happy with the quality and the price. Also, the people who pick up the phone at Lumber Liquidators are generally very friendly – it is when you get to the problem with your floor that is the issue.

Often, they will not take accountability if their wood floors have problems and they will blame the problem on the installer – even if it is an installer that Lumber Liquidators recommended! They really don’t seem to care about their customers.

When homeowners have problems with how quickly the finish wears off, floorboards chipping or bowing, Lumber Liquidators finds a way to skirt around the warranty. If you read their warranty, it is really designed to not cover anything. Sometimes even the boxes with the floorboards are delivered with clearly damaged areas and Lumber Liquidators will not take responsibility.

Final Thoughts
Even though their selection is great and their prices are reasonable, I would not recommend purchasing a wood floor from Lumber Liquidators. You may be stuck with a shoddy floor that will end up costing you more to remove and replace.

Lumber Liquidators Reviewed by Wood Floor Doctor on October 4 . Lumber Liquidators sells a huge variety of wood floors at a low price. Lumber Liquidators is a discount wood floor retailer that offers great variety at low prices. This fast growing American company has a lot of mixed reviews, most of which are negative. Rating: 2.5