Brazilian Walnut – Total Wood Species Guide

PROS: Brazilian walnut ranges from light to dark brown to deep red with beautiful fine graining. It has striping that looks like a zebra. The wood has a soft, fine texture. It has a natural ability to resist fungus. Brazilian walnut is significantly denser than red oak. It is a very durable wood. Brazilian walnut is great for high traffic areas.

CONS: Brazilian walnut can cause a lot of problems if it has not been dried properly. It will shrink quite a bit unless it has been “over dried” in the kiln drying stage. It is very important to get your Brazilian walnut from a source that dries it sufficiently. Otherwise, you will end up with a headache! It is quite expensive wood.

TREE FACTS: Brazilian walnut is used for heavy marine structures as well as interior and exterior furniture. Brazilian walnut grows in Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Venezuela, Guatemala and some other southern countries.