Bona Hardwood Floor Polish Review

Bona is a reputable brand for wood floor maintenance and care. This American company has been trusted by professionals since 1919. They make a wood floor polish they call Bona Polish. This floor polish is good for all sealed wood floors including prefinished hardwood floors. It comes in a squirt bottle with the solution ready to apply. The product is a urethane coating so it will not build up on the surface of your wood floors. Bona Polish is available in gloss and matte.

How Often Should I Apply Bona Polish

Bona Polish can be used every 2-4 months. It all depends on how often you clean your floors. Leaving dirt on your floors often creates a sandpaper effect because it scratches your floors. Bona Polish will fill in minor scratches and make your floor look fresh and clean. It also adds a protective layer on your floor. Bona Polish evens out the sheen on your wood floors.

How To Apply Bona Polish

All you do is thoroughly clean your floors. You should move furniture and rugs out of the room if possible before starting. Shake the container of floor polish before you open it. Then squirt Bona Polish on your floor. When you spread the floor polish, it is best to use the “feathering” technique. Spread it with a microfiber rag or a microfiber mop. (Bona makes a great microfiber mop). Make sure to coat your entire floor.

Allow the product one hour to dry before walking on the floor for light traffic. For heavy foot traffic, it is recommended to wait 24 hours for the dry time. If you are replacing rugs or furniture, it is advised to wait 24 hours, too.

If you apply it in lines, you will have streaks on your floor. It is always best to do a spot test in an inconspicuous spot before using the product throughout your floors.

Final Thoughts

This non-toxic wood floor polish is easy to use with no special equipment necessary. It makes your wood floors look great. I highly recommend using Bona Polish as part of your wood floor maintenance. And remember, always read the label before you start polishing your wood floor.

Bona Hardwood Floor Polish Review Reviewed by Wood Floor Doctor on July 17 Bona Polish is easy to use, makes wood floors look great! Bona Polish is a non-toxic urethane coating that is suitable for all hardwood floors. It is very easy to apply. Bona Polish fills in minor scratches and evens out the shine on your wood floors. Rating: 4.5
Bona Wood Floor Polish