Ash, White – Total Wood Species Guide

PROS: It looks like red oak at first glance. Pretty tough stuff, it’s used in baseball bats and tool handles. It has a contrasting grain pattern and lots of pores, so it ought to take most stains fairly evenly. The grain is fairly straight and open. The grain is coarse and bold. The grain 

structure is similar to red oak. When clear finished it becomes very blond in color. The color is pretty close to English ash. Ash varies from pure white to cream to light brown. It is known for its density and strength. This floor can stand up to heavy foot traffic. Ash resists impact well. It is an excellent choice for a light to medium floor covering.


CONS: I have found when sanding older floors that this wood tended to develop cracks over time. This could have been caused by too fast a kiln drying process and poor milling. Also watch for any boards that have any chips coming off them. Be sure to predrill any hand nailing, as this stuff is easy to split.

TREE FACTS: It is native to eastern North America. It is the largest of the ash trees.