Anderson Wood Floors: A Company Overview and Review

Anderson Hardwood Floors Inc. is an American wood flooring company that is a very reputable brand today. In 1946, this family-owned, Carolinas-based company was born. Today, it is in South Carolina.

Anderson prizes their floors on both beauty and durability. Aesthetics are so important to this company that they even have a research and design team who constantly studies new trends in furniture, paint, cabinetry and textiles and they host a designer vision’s summit for interior designers to come and share ideas.

Durability is obviously the first thing people think about when choosing a wood floor. Anderson takes the longevity of the floors so seriously that they have designed some new products to address durability.

Unique Inventions

Cross locked engineered floors

Cross locked engineered floors are an invention that is unique to this company. This style of engineered flooring has become an industry standard in the present day. Cross locked engineered floors use five different wood plies alternating the grain to give a floor that boasts to have as much strength as steel and uses half the amount of wood as ordinary wood floors. Also, this type of flooring will be as split resistant as solid oak wood. This is where the first glue down floors to concrete slab originates.

New Floor Finishes

Anderson has made aluminum oxide high-wear wood floor finish. As well, they have also made Luster-Lock Ultra finish. Anderson claims that this wood floor finish is six times more resistant to scuffs and blemishes. I am not sure how they make such a claim, but they supposedly have research to back it up. Personally, I am a skeptic because there are so many variables when comparing two different floor finishes.

Flooring Installation

Anderson prefinished floors do not use any wax in the finish. The floorboards do not require any preparation and can be installed right out of the packaging. They are a simple tongue and groove, very easy to install.

Customer Service

As much as Anderson prides themselves in durability and beauty, there have been a few unhappy customers who have had their prefinished floors installed with very quick splitting of the floorboards along the edges. However, they are pretty good about having an inspector come and assess your floors. They will replace faulty wood floors quickly.

Social and Environmental Responsibility

Anderson is a leader in environmental stewardship and responsible forestry. Anderson floors are RPP Certified from the US Renewing Forests GreenGuard Air Quality Certified for Children and Schools and Silver Certified from Cradle to Cradle.

This American wood floor manufacturer also founded the Anderson Prison Work Program. They use inmates from the Northeast Correctional Complex in Tennessee and at the Allendale and Tyger River Correctional Institutions in South Carolina as workers to give them a job and some money for when they get out of jail. This also keeps the labor in the U.S. On a side note, Canada does not allow product that are manufactured by prison labor to be imported. Anderson had to stop exporting their prisoner-produced wood floors to Canada.

Final Thoughts

Most customers are quite happy with Anderson floors. This American company stands by their product. If you are looking for a good quality prefinished wood floor, consider an Anderson floor. They have lots of variety and are quite affordable.

Anderson Hardwood Floors Inc Reviewed by Wood Floor Doctor on June 22 Durable, beautiful and easy to install. Anderson is an American wood flooring company that makes prefinished wood floors. Their wood floors are known for both their beauty and durability.Rating: 4.5
Anderson Wood Floors