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Product Review: Orange Glo and Other Oil Products

Learn the dangers of Orange Glo on your hardwood floors!

There are a lot of orange oil-based products on the market. Orange Glo Wood Polish And Conditioner is a trendy product that uses the oil from orange peels as a cleaning agent.

Product Review: DriTac Injection Repair Kits for Engineered, Solid Wood and Bamboo Floors

DriTac Flooring, LLC is an American owned and operated company. AKA DryTac. DriTac manufactures time-tested adhesives and installation products for wood floors. Even though the DriTac wood flooring injection repair kit has been around for awhile, for those of you homeowners with wood floors, it is always a good idea to have a handy repair kit.

Cleaning Wood Floors with Ammonia Based Cleaners like Windex

Learn how to use Windex to clean your hardwood floors. It is great for removing filmy residue. A lot of people with polyurethane coated wood floors are turning to glass cleaners like Windex and Glass Plus.

Different Types of Wood Filler and Wood Putty

Wood filler is also known as wood putty and less commonly as wood patch. It is one of those products that is always good to have in your home repair kit. Wood putty is a handy item but it will not solve all your wood floor problems.

Cleaning Wood Floors with Mop & Glo Wood Floor Cleaner

Learn the negative effects of Mop & Glo Wood Floor Cleaner and other water-based acrylic polishes. Mop & Glo has been spelled a few different ways. People sometimes refer to it as "Mop 'N Glo" or "Mop And Glo". In case you are unfamiliar with it, Mop & Glo Wood Floor Cleaner is a trendy cleaning product that is a water-based acrylic polish.

Product Review: Health and Safety - ProKnee Knee Pads Model 07

If you are a professional wood floor contractor, you need a pair of knee pads that is going to last and you won’t need to replace every few months because you have worn them down. You need a pair of knee pads that will deliver support, comfort and protection to your joints.

Product Review: Cleaning with Murphy's Oil Soap

Learn the negative effects of cleaning your floor with Murphy's Oil Soap. Oil soap is a commonly used, widely available wood floor cleaner. The most favored brand of oil soap is Murphy's Oil Soap and it is owned by Colgate-Palmolive.

Cleaning Wood Floors with Pledge Wood Floor Products

Learn about the residue that Pledge wood floor cleaning products leaves on your wood floors. Pledge is a popular product line that has been around for eons. It is owned by S.C. Johnson A Family Company, the same coorporation that owns Windex.

Product Review: Cleaning Your Wood Floors with Black Tea

Learn about how the tannic acid in your black tea bags cleans wood floors. Black tea is becoming known as an easy, quick cleaner for wood floors. Regardless of its growing popularity, it is never advisable to wet mop your wood floor or use water to clean your floor.

Product Review: Cleaning Wood Floors with Scott's Liquid Gold and Other All-Purpose Cleaners

Learn the claims that Scott's Liquid Gold makes. See what it really does to hardwood floors!

Scott's Liquid Gold is a popular, long-standing wood cleaning product. The company was incorporated in 1954. The product is designed for paneling, cabinets and wood floors.

Product Review: Cleaning Your Wood Floors with Dish Soap and Water

Learn the negative effects of cleaning your wood floors with dish soap and water. Water and wood are not a happy couple. Water causes wood to expand, warp and sometimes even rot. Wet mopping a wood floor is as serious as loosing your warranty.

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