Restoring old wood floors brings back their natural beauty and shine. If you live in an old home, wood floors are a classic touch. A perfect way to add some freshness to your home is to restore your old wood floors. It can dramatically change a room and give it an updated look.

Cork is a fairly new phenomenon when it comes to flooring. It appeals to families with young children who take the occasional tumble. It also appeals to people who suffer from back and joint pain. Cork is renowned for its softness, durability and tiny environmental impact. Get to know the pros and cons of cork floors. In this eBook, you will learn how cork is harvested. You will also familiarize yourself with the different styles of cork flooring. If you are considering cork flooring, this is a must read.

Many people would say that bamboo is a trendy, environmentally-friendly floor covering. At the same time, bamboo flooring has created a lot of controversy. In this eBook, you will learn the truth about bamboo flooring. You will learn how bamboo is grown and how it is processed into flooring. You will get the full scoop on how bamboo impacts the environment. After reading this eBook, you will think twice about bamboo flooring.

Parquet is a long-lasting, strong floor covering. It is both practical and elegant. In this eBook you will learn about the different styles of parquet flooring and how they are produced. Learn how to install parquet so you get it right the first time! You will get to know how to avoid the common mistakes when laying your parquet floor. Discover how to finish your floor so that you have a beautiful surface. When you read this eBook, you will recognize the charm of classic herringbone floors.

This article will explain how to read your wood floor warranty and understand it! It will examine Bellawod Prefinished Hardwood Flooring, Bruce and Anderson Pacific Floors as examples of what is and is not covered in your floor warranty. We will also uncover loopholes in your floor warranty that are designed to protect the manufacturer. This is a must if you are planning on purchasing a new floor.

While your gender shouldn't affect your ability to sand a floor, your lack of training will. You just cannot pick up the floor sanding trade on a weekend. It took me 6 months of full time work, before I was let loose on client's fine wood floors. Suffice it to say I cannot teach you how to sand a floor by e-mail or in this web site. It is a strictly hands on training. And I doubt that the rental places will give you a course on sanding and finishing your floor. The "toy" floor sanders they rent at all the tool rental shops will not, in any case, do a decent job of sanding your floor.

This is meant to be an article about avoiding health robing practices when installing a new or sanding your old wood floors. But it may turn out to be a treatise on how to learn from the mistakes of others. Namely, my own really deadly mistakes.

If you are a professional wood floor contractor, you need a pair of knee pads that is going to last and you won't need to replace every few months because you have worn them down. You need a pair of knee pads that will deliver support, comfort and protection to your joints.

I hope the title of this article alarms you because every time I get news of another lacquer wood floor fire it brings me back about 21 years ago when a floor caught on fire right under my nose.

When you are on your knees on a hardwood floor all day, eventually your knees are going to start hurting. Your knees are a set of joints that you use every day. You may not think about it but when you do simple activities like get out of bed in the morning or sit on a chair, you are using your knees. You use your knees all the time.

Here we have a situation that could have been avoided with a little planing and knowledge. In our video section you can see me preparing a sub-floor on the main floor, of a Toronto home, before installing a new oak wood floor. Well believe it or not, (because of my busy schedule) the owner hired a major Toronto based firm to install a similar wood floor on the second floor. This article will teach you what you should be looking out for when hiring a contractor to work on your wood floors.

Well I guess , all's well that ends well. I spent quite a bit of time with my client, coaching him on his upcoming Small Calims Court lawsuit. He has spent a fair bit of his time this summer gathering estimates from other companies and making a video of the humpy floor using a spirit level to demonstrate just how bad this job was.

According to "THE ELEMENTS OF STYLE" encyclopedia as late as 1625 the ground floor of most European houses still lacked wood floors. Most houses had a beaten earth floor that required visitors to wipe their shoes on a entry mat to prevent this natural floor from getting muddy or dusty depending on the weather.

I can't tell you how many times I've been asked what brand of prefinished wood floors I recommend. Or how many samples I've gotten through the mail. These days there are so many choices out there it really is hard to tell the good wood floor from the mediocre and poor wood floor. For this discussion I will try to stay away from brand names (for once) and try to talk out these wood floors in a more generic manor.

We have now completed our partial Species of Wood Floors list. The list is filled with colour pictures and Pros and Cons for each wood type. Use this guide to help direct you in the right direction when choosing a hardwood floor.

The Pro's and Con's of: Prefinished Floors / Unfinished (Sand-On-Site) / Laquer Finish (Nitrocellulose) / Natural or Clear Finish / Polyurethane / Stained Finish / Water borne finishes

All the good, bad and the ugly flooring contractors are found in big city yellow pages. Sifting through a dozen pages is time consuming and the size of the ad doesn't indicate quality. Some phone companies issue a smaller local directory, for the neighborhoods of the city and here you might find a local contractor with local references. If you live in a small town this is all a moot point, so far.

This article will teach you how to repair a hardwood floor. Before you start, make sure you know a supplier of this same size and species of wood floor. Take a sample to your hardwood floor supplier that caters to tradesmen. The salesmen in some floor boutiques have limited knowledge, so you'll have to find a hardwood floor specialty shop.

Just how does a hardwood floor contractor go about getting more money for the jobs they are now doing? Well that's the $64,000 question isn't it? Read this and you will find out how best to market your skills in the wood flooring industry.

This type of wood flooring first showed up in the Baroque Period (1625-1714) in France's most Royal of homes and palaces. This is where they first experimented with the most intricate of patterns and 3D effects. These days parquet flooring is found in the most humble of apartments, as the basic mosaic pattern is quite affordable to the rest of us plebeins.

Bamboo is becoming more and more common. It is a cheap floor covering popularly believed to be environmentally sustainable. Read this article to learn the truth about bamboo.

Bamboo floors are growing in popularity. Learn about bamboo's negative environmental impacts. You will think twice about this flooring type.

Bamboo floors come in a variety of styles. There are several methods to produce bamboo floors. Learn about the types of bamboo floors.

When considering what type of floor covering to put in your home, you need to be extra thoughtful if you suffer from allergies or asthma.